JWOW (Julie Woods)

I’m JWow, The Urban Bliss Shaman™.    I come to sacred gatherings to pray and practice living fully into an isness of seculospiritual-love-in-action.  I am graced with getting to live, learn, teach, and generally seed what we distill on-mountain is into the off-mountain mainstream.

I’ve been blessed to be and do some cool stuff:  sung and recorded with Roberta Flack; performed with a bunch of Grammy winners; and had Jimmy Page say I was one of the most cyclonic performers he’s ever seen.  Trained 4-star and 5-star generals with curricula I designed for the Pentagon. I’m a 24-person multiple who’s autistic AND is an international best-selling author because of it.

I’m a Black, female, pagan, seculospiritual shaman whose work at Growth Gatherings matters to the mainstream:  I have 2 Forbes articles about me to support that. The article links are below — my hope is that they inspire you to actively hone and uplevel your power as an energetic influencer both inside and outside of your own tribes.  

When you have questions, I tend to have answers.  It’s what I’m FOR. Let’s talk! \☻/

From Consent to Welcome:
Creating Safety and Belonging as the New Normal

Together, we’ll explore safety; the spectra of acceptance from domination to welcome; and the art and science of belonging. Consent Culture’s misnamed “empowered no” is, at best, protection that sporadically prevents damage once it becomes a behavioural option. A Welcome Culture’s “enthusiastic yes” is a norm, not a response to random events. This discourages damaging behaviour before it starts. Cultures are born out of the shared language upon which they’re based… and you change cultures by changing their language. So some of the culture-shaping work we’ll do is around, and not limited to: • Defining safety by discerning danger • Coercion, seduction, and the art of ethical invitation • how tribal intimacy feeds mainstream success • The challenge of “maybe”; the clarity of “no”; and the collaboration of “yes” • I hope you’ll join me in defining a more inclusive and empowering realities for yourselves and your tribes.