Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel has been teaching Conscious Parenting concepts to families for over 10 years. His daughter is 22 and they’re best friends.  The ideas he shares have helped mend many broken relationships between parents and their kids and bring more peace and harmony to families. He cares deeply about empowering parents to develop more harmonious relationships with their kids using a powerful parenting model based on: Collaboration, Connection, Acceptance and Reasoning.  Vivek is also a Contact Improv dancer and teacher. After 14 years he still learns something new every time he dances. Dance deeply affects all aspects of his being – physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual. As martial artist who has been teaching and practicing Ninjutsu for 30 years, he deeply integrates martial arts principles into his dancing. Both arts serve to make him a better person.

Contact, Consent and Conscious Parenting
(Co-teaching w/ Tanya Williams) 

The essential question of this class is, “How we can embody the principles of Contact Improv in our Parenting Paradigm?” As a group we will explore what these principles are. For example: -deep listening to self and other -actively listening for, expressing and respecting consent of self and other -Co-exploring with no leader or follower We will explore what it feels like to dance with these qualities deeply present, as well as how it feels when they’re noticeably absent. We will map that exploration onto a child’s experience and perspective. How might similar situations feel from their point of view? This leads to questions such as: -How can I honour my child’s consent? -How can I set safety, well-being and health limits non-coercively? -How can I tune into and honour my own consent on deeper levels? -What does it mean to have a deeply collaborative relationship with my children? These are such exciting questions and are on the edge of Conscious Parenting. Exploring/Expressing ideas and feelings with our bodies in movement adds a layer of embodiment that is integrating. This is why we will be working with discussion and physical exploration/conversation.

How can we Embody a Conscious Parenting Paradigm in every day life?

(Co-teaching w/ Tanya Williams) 

In the first workshop we focused on feelings and philosophy.  In order to be sustainable the concepts have to work in everyday life. When we discuss forming a collaborative and non-coercive relationship with our children reasonable questions come up: -What about teaching them to handle money? -What about teaching them to eat healthy and care for their body? -Or teaching them to be kind and respectful? -How do we deal with conflict? -How do we help them develop a healthy relationship with themselves at the same time? We will spend time in dicussion exploring conscious parenting strategies in different situations. To add an embodiment component we will do role plays in small groups exploring different ways to handle common challenging moments. At least one observer present in each group. Small group discussion that will focus on what were the feelings involved and what effect dd that have. Come back to share in large group. There is much richness available when we put philosophy into action and then process together.