Danny Brave

Danny Brave is a queer transgender man whose mission is to offer himself and others experiences to full embrace the power and liberation of being their authentic self/ves, with a focus on embracing queerness, clarifying & owning gender identity, and liberating sexuality & sexual desire. He is an innovator of ways to express and discover the Self, incorporating meditation, movement, dance, ritual, song, costume, art-making, journaling, shamanic journeying, past-life work, energy healing and relational exercises that support vulnerability, intimacy, gender-clarity, sexual empowerment, & alternative trauma healing in both one-on-one and community settings. He is currently a student of Somatic Sex Education, kink, BDSM, and other sexuality explorations and intimate ways of relating. His background is in music, theatre, dance, drag, performance, & writing. He brings an enthusiastic, powerful, & supportive presence to all who meet him and receive his work. He is really excited to meet (the real) you!!!!

Ritual for Gender Clarity & Sexual Expression

Ritual spaces take us from the mundane to the sacred. The intention of this ritual is for you to gain clarity on who you are as an individual in relation to your gender identity/ies, gender expression(s), and to embrace your sexual expression(s) as sacred. This is a contemplative yet playful space to call your energy back to Self. We will begin with a gentle meditation for self-awareness, and then pair off to briefly share about our experience of our gender and sexuality. From there we will lead into a ritual exploration of gender via movement, clothing and costume, and sexuality via interaction with sex toys or other sexual objects. You are welcome to bring your own articles of clothing or costume pieces that will assist you in your exploration of your gender (though this is not a requirement as some will be provided). To close, we will journal for integration followed by a verbal share as a group. Please bring some sex toys or objects with you (strap ons, dildos, collars, etc.), as well as an object that helps you feel grounded, a journal, a pen or something else to write with, and a water bottle.