Leonore Tjia

Leonore Tjia (“Chee-ah”) is an artist-healer and feminist sexuality educator whose work lies at the intersection of soul, myth, eros and intimacy. As a trained practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy, she helps people transform their emotional and sexual patterns and re-awaken their innate erotic intelligence. She runs somatic workshops where people tell true sexual stories for healing and witnessing, and access the inner wildness that helps us feel erotically alive.

Rewilding Our Sexual Stories:
Dispelling Shame Through Community Witnessing

Rewilding Our Sexual Stories weaves together improvisational movement, sound and stories from our personal erotic histories. Participants take turns in duos and small groups as both storytellers/movers and witnesses, following clear structure and guidelines. All types of stories are welcome, from the lush and inspiring to the ambivalent, traumatic or awkward — participants have space to explore and process their own material free from judgment, commentary or analysis. Through witnessing one another’s stories, we practice being seen and valued just as we are, gain authenticity and authority, and reclaim the body as central to erotic and artistic expression. This work supports us to dispel shame, cultivate appropriate intimacy, and discover somatic resources for healing from injury, trauma, illness and daily wear-and-tear. This unique form combines elements of dance, theater and expressive arts, and encourages and supports an embodied value system in which the well-being of the Earth is central.