Settling into Your Vision:

Choosing Relationships & Creating Family

Who do you turn to celebrate or grieve with? Who asks for your support and brightens your day? What is your vision of your close-nit family and community in a year from now or in 5 or 10? Let’s take this opportune vibrant moment of co-habitating with this creative annual Earth Dance Touch and Play community, to recognize and vision. We will focus on being more than doing. We will reflect together through a combination of solo movement, sitting, writing, drawing/mapping, and speaking to capture a taste of clarity. We will witness each other as we explore and express the unique constellation of family we each vision belonging within and articulate the next steps we are willing to take in creating it.


has always loved researching how intimacy and connection happen between people in words and movement. In 2001, while living in Venezuela, she began to add social dance to her toolbox of numerous studio dance forms. She has been known as a bilingual elementary school teacher, a dancer (jazz, contemporary, salsa, tango), a traveling Contact Improvisation teacher, a founding Touch and Play organizer & Intensive teacher, and a co-director of the documentary “Five Ways In” ( She assists Zahava Griss in their leadership program “Do Good Things With Power”. As a life coach she support creatives to put their visions into action and lovers to show up to their relationships with a sweet sense of contribution.